By: Brad Cole

Over the many years of my life, I have come to believe that nature works primarily on the principle of wholeness. Life seems to follow a cycle of seasons where certain things will rise and fall in their own due time, much as though we live in a dream. But it is a wholeness that can be easily fragmented, each broken piece falling into isolation where it then creates its own reality.

Politics is a reflection of this human predicament. Humanity has a difficult time relating to the twisted abstractions contained in most political dialogue. The preciousness of human life becomes lost. A fragmented society falls into a demented dream of tyranny.

I believe in a fundamental reality that pervades nature. It is good moral principles that help us to live in harmony and be instinctively rooted in the most basic of realities within nature. This is why a simple life in small, rural towns tends to be wholesome and family-friendly. We need the healthy truthfulness of our earthly reality to drive out the darkness within our politics.

An ancient, beautiful wilderness lies deep within our conflicted souls. Where trees whisper in a nightly wind, and the stars are a guiding light. The dreamy stillness of a forest will fill my senses with awe. May our Elders become like trees and whisper to us the ancient wisdom of wholeness.