The Guiding Light of Elders
By: Brad Cole

  I much prefer the use of the term “Elder” over “senior citizen”. An Elder will teach the young a good and wholesome way of life so they can stand up on their own and feel fulfilled. Traditional values serve to strengthen and enrich people lives.

  The world begs for us to learn from it through different relationships and it is the dark dealings that weigh the heaviest on our souls. We start to see how well interconnected are the various inhabitants of reality and this lesson makes us more instinctively insightful.

  We need Elders with the strength of character and depth of vision that lifts up a people and their culture. A culture of age-old standards for humanity that serve to unite the people by giving them the strength of well grounded beliefs by which to live. These are guiding principles for a safe and wholesome way of life for all people where no one is left behind.

  I have been taught much through a love for Nature. The sparkling stars will follow you through life and into the world hereafter. A long walk through a glacially torn, old growth forest will lift your soul to let it soar.

  Each new life in this world will need to learn how to stand on the shoulders of their Elders and then walk on alone through the long night owning only the duties of honor and dignity. It is these possessions that shine the greatest light on our pathway.